ABC and BIU have different return keys which is confusing

The return keys on the ABC and BIU keyboards don’t match and it’s confusing!

  • This key is labelled return on the ABC keyboard. In the BIU keyboard you’ve used an arrow instead. This was confusing as I thought they must do different things.
  • On the ABC keyboard it’s slightly wider. On the BIU keyboard it isn’t.

I think if you’re going to include keys in the custom keyboard that mirror those in the ABC one, they need to be the same size and have the same thing on. Otherwise it’s confusing as you think it must be something different when it’s not.

I also find it really confusing that there’s a space key next to it, rather than a space bar at the bottom. This is really unintuitive. So I also suggest moving the space bar underneath.

Basically if you’re toggling between two keyboards that share some of the same keys it’s very confusing if they aren’t the same size and don’t have the same symbols on. I would suggest you prioritise consistency over choosing your own designs or shapes for these keys.