Ampersand quoted by backslash in auto-completed links?

Not sure if this is a bug, maybe it’s a feature?

Testing version:
2.0 (11093) on macOS

What were you doing:
Inserting auto-completed links

What feature did you use:
Link auto-completion

What happened:
For links to note titles or headings containing an ampersand (&), the auto-completed link included a backslash () before the ampersand

The backslash was not shown in the preview list of matching links

What did you expect to happen:
I did not expect a backslash to be added

The link appears to work correctly with and without backslash

The backslash should not be an issue here but also not required because & should not be escaped.
Can you share a note title or header which gives you this result? (eventually, use my DM)

Title and heading sent to your DM