API: nested tags returned by 'open-note'

Tags of the form aaa/bbb/ccc are returned by ‘open-note’ as aaa aaa/bbb aaa/bbb/ccc. ie, three tags were intuitively there is only the one. Also, if the note contains aaa aaa/bbb/ccc, ‘open-note’ still returns aaa aaa/bbb aaa/bbb/ccc, making it difficult to work out if the note really is tagged aaa aaa/bbb/xxx

could there be an option to only return full paths - ie aaa/bbb/ccc only?

I suspect that filtering out the parent tags midght be tricky. Has anyone figured out a method?

This is very much about how tags are represented in Bear’s database. I’m not sure the right thing to do is to return just the leaf tags but it’s pretty easy filtering that array: For each tag X in the list if X+“/” has a search match within the other elements of the list it’s not a leaf tag.

Of course, why didn’t I see that.