App crashes when entering Korean or Japanese in a code block

Testing version: 11502

Hi. Since version 11502, Bear app crashes abnormally when I type Korean or Japanese inside a code block. To test, first create a code block and then type in Korean or Japanese between them.

Below are the results of testing in previous builds, and until version 11417, it was possible to enter Korean or Japanese normally.

  • 11504 - crashed
  • 11502 - crashed
  • 11417 - not crashed
  • 11413 - not crashed
  • 11208 - not crashed
  • 11093 - not crashed
  • 10816 - not crashed

Copying Korean or Japanese between code blocks worked fine. It only terminates abnormally when typing directly in a code block.

Yes, we identified a bug with some Asian scripts and the code block.
We’ll ship a fix as soon as possible.