Better Share/Service Options


Like many, I am anxiously looking forward to Bear 2.0. I know there will be additional features forthcoming but I wanted to suggest additional functionality to the Service option and for the inclusion of a Share extension. Presently, there is no Share option for Bear but there is a Service.

For the service/share options I would love to see the ability to have the full email included WITH graphics/attachments and not just a link back. Why? With Bear 2.0 being able to leverage the OCR functionality of images, this would be a huge benefit for me.

Thanks for considering it.

All the best,

Hello Stephen,

We do want to ship a sharing extension for macOS but will be after 2.0 release because we also need to re-design the extension for all the Apple platforms.

Interesting use case. Thanks.

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Thanks! I completely understand. Knowing there is work in this direction is good news enough. I look forward to it in a future release. Again, being able to take an email and share it to Bear and include the images which would then be processed for OCR would be HUGE for me. Thanks for all the work presently going on with Bear.

I don‘t know if it is possible at all but I would highly like following:

Inside of the reeder 5 app to share a shown feed which is sended as a note to bear under a specified tag. Currently I use the „send to bear“ command for selected text. But reeder do not allow also to select the header/title of the feed