Deeplinks not working

Testing version:
11208 iOS
What were you doing:
Trying to open a Deeplink to another App (Devonthink) when Safari is restricted in iOS Screentime function
What feature did you use:

What happened:
Link does nothing - except when link preview is enabled
What did you expect to happen:
Opening Link in target app (Devonthink) even when link preview is not enabled. Like it works in other apps (e.g. Things)

Actually Tags are also not active / working when Safari is deactivated.

Apparently any URL, regardless is going to activate Safari or not, do not open if Safari is deactivated. This doesn’t sounds right but I’m very afraid we can’t do much about it.

That’s strange because it works in every other app. Things, Apple Notes, Devonthink, DayOne, Obsidian, Logseq, … In fact, I can’t find any app where it doesn’t work except for Bear.
I wonder why Bear is trying to call Safari for this. None of the above apps work through Safari - why would they?

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There’s a “whitelist” for Screentime on iOS? I kinda remember something but maybe it’s another functionality (I don’t really use any of those)

No there is no whitelist function. But what would you want to whitelist. With Screentime you restrict access to Safari. Why is access to Safari needed to be able to follow a backlink or tag within Bear?

It only deactivates the safari app > you can still use in-App webkit views within Apps with this function.
Which also means if a user wants to deactivate Safari and only use Chrome on iOS, then links and tag links within Bear will not work.


I had finally time to check this. I have added a 1-minute limitation to Safari only in Screen Time > App Limitations but I can successfully tap wiki links, tags, and deep links (I tried with Reddit). Maybe something else is limited on your device?