Divider size inconsistency

Testing version: 10732

What were you doing: Viewing Notes column in app

What feature did you use: Notes column in app

What happened: The bottom divider line of a single note is larger than the others

What did you expect to happen: All dividers to be the same size.

You most likely have a to do box checked in the note with a thicker divider.

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I do. Is this the intended behavior?

I believe it is. When you use checkboxes in a note, there is a progressive bar to show you how many of the checkboxes have been checked. Once all of them are, it would be a solid horizontal line, slightly thicker than those notes without any checkboxes.

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Yes, the separator doubles as a progression tracker for your ToDos inside the note :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying! Sorry for the false alarm. :sweat_smile: