Feature request: allow expanding bullet tree in backlinks panel

I have been very pleasantly surprised by the quality and polish of the backlinks functionality in Bear 2. One thing I really miss from Roam/Logseq, though, is that they (as native outliners) allow expanding the whole subtree underneath the node in which the link reference occurs. Bear requires clicking over to a given reference to see this context.

A very common use case is this:

I write much of my working notes in a single daily note, often structured as Markdown outlines (nested bullets). I reference key concepts, projects, and ideas with [[page links]]. I want to be able to later aggregate and browse these ideas from the topic page, but just seeing the single line on which they occur doesn’t give nearly enough context to actually read and reflect on them. Being able to expand the hierarchy below (and potentially even above) the given bullet within the backlinks list provides essential content without having to navigate out of context.

This is specific to outline-structured content. The more general, abstract version of this is to consider how the backlinks panel could allow us to expand the context around any reference line. For bullet items, the structure is obvious, but seeing more lines before/after a given reference is generally useful even for other types of text. I could imagine this being very raw (just incrementally showing more lines below and maybe above), or exploiting more structure (expanding to show everything under the same heading section or other folding context).


I agree. With the backlinks functionality in mind you can create useful outlines that provide essential information. Furthermore you can combine different wiki links inside an outline and can use the backlinks panel for browsing.

I posted once a video that shows how far you can go just by allowing 1. to display the sub nodes of an outline and 2. to click all visible wiki links inside the backlink panel: