How to bulk delete tags on a Mac

How do I bulk remove tags in Bear on a Macbook Air? I imported a bunch of notes from Evernote and they’re all tagged #evernote. I want to remove that tag from all the notes tagged with it.

Selecting all the notes with that tag then clicking “control” or “Option” or “Command” does not bring up anything, let a lone a “remove tag” option.

Hello! You can do that in a couple of ways:

  1. right click the tag #evernote in your sidebar and select Delete Tag

  2. selected all the notes you want to remove the tag from and right-click on one of them then select Remove Tag #evernote

THanks. I had so many notes with that tag that right-clicking on the tag did not immediately show any result. I needed to wait a couple of minutes… :slight_smile: