How to remove a header?

When I paste content from another location, into Bear, I sometimes have lines pasted as a header when I don’t want it to be a header. How do I remove the “header” function? I couldn’t find any menu item that allows me to turn it into “body” text.

If you’re using the default settings, then new notes are configured to start with a title (you can think of it as the note starting with a # and a space). If you create new note and paste, the first line will become a heading as the note starts with # and space and then whatever you paste into it.

You can delete the # and a space before pasting.

Thank you for trying to help, but I am unable to find a # in the empty bear note, to delete…

One more thing @R2000 - I get lines as a header below the note title too. So, this isn’t just about what is in the note title. Is there a way to see the Markdown code and remove the # signs altogether?

Just press delete (backspace) once after you create a new note.

@R2000 I also just realized that clicking on the Header # in the menu that pops up will remove the header! I didn’t expect that choosing an option that is already “chosen” would remove the formatting too.

Thank you!

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