Import many PDF

I have many PDF files from my home office stored in normal Finder folders. (Homeoffice/Bank, Homeoffice/Insurance, Homeoffice/Insurance).

How can I import all these PDF as easy as possible into Bear ?
To be honest, it’s too much work for me to have to do this individually for each PDF.
Is there a wordaround here?

This Shortcut asks for a folder to be selected and creates a new Bear note for each file contained. The new notes report the name of the file as title and are tagged #imports

That sounds perfect - thank you
only unfortunately the shortcut can not be opened. It tells me that the link is invalid.

You are right, I’m experiencing some issue with Shortcuts app sharing possibly because I’m using betas.
It’s pretty simple, hopefully you can just replicate it

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This works wonderfully. Thank you for the great support!