Internal link note-selection dropdown: two requests

After typing double brackets to start an internal link, would it be possible to display the list of notes sorted by last modified rather than alphabetical as it is now in both Bear 1 and 2? Or, perhaps for greater flexibility, sync the ordering with the “Notes List Sorting” option in Preferences.

Second request: would it be possible to make the dropdown list width a bit wider (or multi-line)? It seems that note titles are truncated after 40 characters. For those of us who use long note titles, it would be of great assistance to see more of the title when making an internal link selection. Related: see below from @andymatuschak.

My note titles are long enough that they’re often indistinguishable in the wiki-link type-ahead completion panel, which shows only a few words at a time. I often end up needing to switch to the library window, doing a search, finding a longer distinctive substring, then switching back to the original note to complete the link. A multiline layout would be very welcome!

Thank you.

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Regarding the first point I prefer alphabetical because it’s predictable.

The notes in the dropdown are not sorted using their alphabetical or modification order but using the match position of what you wrote after [[. This helps to find the note faster because we are inclined to search using the first words/letter of the note title.

The dropdown panels need some UI love and we’ll take into consideration expanding the size of the panel to accommodate longer titles. I think having some notes with 2 lines in the panel is not the right choice because slows down the eye scan of the panel itself.

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What about showing a population with hole name just for selected item AND if title is too long? Something like that

I’m skeptical about the 2 lines solution at the moment because visually speaking having something that “jumps” and occupies 2 lines while something else is just 1 line slows our (human beings) scanning of the text.

The autocorrection has made this. I meant: a popup placed over the line of the item that is too long
Something similar like that:

Just a quick idea and indeed not elegant

Actually i would hate to see that popup in the autocompletion list. I think Andy Matushak mentioned his struggle with long notes name which has the same beginning. That is a very special scenario which led to a very cumbersome workaround for him. As i think that many solution would fit his needs i also believe that every solution could bother others. Whatever solution maybe it makes sense to combine that with user interaction, f.e. a key modifier on scrolling through the list. When a modifier is used then the 2 lines could become acceptable