Spoiler feature in the Bear 2

Hello, everyone!

I have a little question, which is already clear from the title of the post.

Is there any chance that Beare 2 will have spoiler functionality? And is it even possible in the case of markdown? A quick googling is frustrating: on the first page I found only one mention of “>!” (without quotes), and it doesn’t work in any place where markdown is used.

Sorry if duplicated.

What is a spoiler feature at all?

This, for example.

Is that the same what is called „call-outs“ or „admonitions“ in obsidian?

Checked it out and - no, that’s different.

A spoiler is an element that “hides” its content under a header and can reveal it when clicked. At the link I gave above, there’s a spoiler gif in the article on how it works.

Guess what? This is a spoiler – i.e., you don't want someone to see a "spoiler" unless they go looking for it.

In HTML (and in some markdown engines or in Discourse), this can be used:

<details><summary>Guess what?</summary>
This is a spoiler – i.e., you don't want someone to see a "spoiler"
unless they go looking for it.

The closest to this in Bear 2 is folding of header sections.

  1. Create a header (e.g., typing #### Folding example on a new line)
  2. Type some text under the header (the spoiler)
  3. Hover over the header line, click on the little header icon that shows to the left (image), and select the “Toggle Folding” option.
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Yeah, that’s pretty close to what I seek, but it’s not really a complete spoiler.

Just to be clear: I am not a beta tester, so I only have Panda and it has these “foldings” weirdly behaving. I did as you advised, and when I selected “Toggle Folding”, it hid everything written after it at all. Whereas the spoiler should hide exactly the area that

is limited to.

So my question still stands, albeit not to you. Anyway, thanks for the clear explanation and demonstration!