[Usability Improvement] sort auto completion by last used/frequency

Should we consider sort auto-completion by last used time or frequency while typing a type, a wiki link? It is inefficient to always use the arrow key to select the one I need to use even though I ALWAYS choose that particular item.

For example, I have 10 tags that have the same prefix like “abcd1” “abcd2” … “abcd10” and somehow I rarely use 1-8 and 10, I always need to tag abcd9, so every time I have to press the arrow key multiple times to get it.

The example might not be good but I think it tells the idea, the same goes with wiki link.

I understand your issue but an autocomplete panel that doesn’t work with the alphabetic order feels very odd because you don’t have the visual match with the text you are writing. Maybe it’s possible to combine alphabetic order and but we have to think about it.

Thanks for the consideration, I got your point, but think auto completions in IDEs, they’re rarely if not never sorted by alphabetical order :joy:

Correct. it’s not alphabetical, we sort considering the match position. I think this is also what IDEs do, unless more assumptions about the language/library/project are made.

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