About the General category

How do you use Bear? What’s your tag system? Any cool Shortcuts to automate your workflow? Let’s learn from each other

Don’t let the word “General” fool you – in fact, it’s the ultimate playground where we exchange tips, tricks, and fascinating insights into how you utilize Bear to its fullest potential! It is your hub for all things Bear-related! Here you can share and find:

Customized tag systems

How do you use Bear’s tag system to organize notes? Share your setup and let’s learn from each other’s organizational prowess!

Cool Shortcuts and Workflow

Do you have any nifty Shortcuts or automation tricks up your sleeve? Whether it’s streamlining your workflow using Apple Shortcuts, or third-party apps like Alfred, enlighten us with your efficiency hacks!

Occupational Use Cases

How do you integrate Bear into your personal and work life? Whether you’re a writer, designer, programmer, or any other professional, share how Bear enhances your productivity and creativity in your specific field. Our community would love to know!

Join us and share your unique Bear tricks now, even the simplest notes can spark inspirations!

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