An Open Letter to Team Shiny Frog

So I’ve been a Bear user longer than I’ve been lurking in the beta forums. I’ve seen different types of feedback, some seemingly helpful, others not so much. I particularly admire how the Team Shiny Frog have handled this process so well. Couldn’t be prouder of them.

A few days ago, I wrote a letter to the team through the app. Not sure that was the appropriate channel. So, I figured it was finally time to create an account in the forums and contribute to the conversation :smile:

The letter is a particularly long one, so forgive me in advance:

Hi Team Shiny Frog,

Bear Notes has been more than a textual companion: it has been a part of my journey and evolution as a person and as a maker.

I loved Bear before ever actually knowing Bear. A friend shared a screenshot of a note he needed reviewed. I couldn’t help falling in love with the simplicity of the note —specifically, the layout, neatness, and overall presentation.

“What app did you make this note in?”

“Bear app”

And thus began my Bear journey.

I’ll keep this short: I love Bear and would very much love to see it get better in every way possible.

I’ve been testing the Bear 2 Beta release and it’s been incredible. Just when I thought Bear 1 couldn’t get any better, B2 beta says “hold my paws!”

However, there are a few requests I’d love to make in order of priority for Bear 2 iOS

  1. Adjustable line widths as available on Mac and iPad. Not only does this allow for a closer to the classic Bear 1 experience, it is a much neater way to provide granular control for user notes layout.

  2. Restore the classic ‘Show Markdown’ mode. More specifically, let header markdown (denoted by H1, H2, H3~) be displayed in the gutter as is the case for Bear 1.

  3. Disable fixed top bar when writing or scrolling through a note. Perhaps an option can be provided to enable it for those who do not mind. Again, the compromise here being to preserve the original reading/writing experience for some users, without sacrificing the new form for others.

I have done my best to make sure my requests do not imply inconvenience to other users, but rather, a compromise to see everyone satisfied with the Bear we all love and root for.

Thank you for the time, and I apologize if I am asking for too much. My passion gets the better of me sometimes. Forgive me.


A Bear Fan :bear:


+1 for the 3rd request.