Annoying Dot in wiki link with Misspelled Word

Testing version:
2.1.2 MacOS

What were you doing:
Created a Wiki link in which the document title has a word not recognised by the dictionary, and then adding my own text to the link. I.e. [[notarealword|my link]]

What feature did you use:
Wiki links

What happened:
When the linked document title is “collapsed” and replaced with the customised link title, the “misspelling” dots also seem to be collapsed/partially hidden, leaving a single annoying red dot in the visuals. See below:


In the second, if you don’t realise the document is misspelled or has a word in a different language than recognised by your system dictionary, you are left with the single red dot, which isn’t immediately obvious (amongst a larger body of text) what it corresponds to. For example, in this section I wasn’t quite sure where the dot was coming from initially:

What did you expect to happen:
I expected the misspell to be collapsed and disappear entirely, like the word