App Icons no longer match App Theme

With a recent update, the App Icons are totally different color schemes than previously and they no longer match with the internal app themes. While I appreciate the new colors, I also really miss the old icon colors to go with the internal theme. Personally, I really miss the Gandalf app icon to go with that same internal theme.

Were these removed intentionally, and if so, what’s the thinking there?


We received many requests for choosing themes and icons independently and I think it makes sense. With this solution icons no longer require to “match” the theme and can be as crazy as we want, so eventually we can also make a new Gandalf icon.

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That makes total sense, and I appreciate the increased flexibility. Would love to see the old icon themes in addition to the new ones!

Yeah I’m missing the icons for Duotone Snow and Ayu Mirage. The “Lake” icon approximates the light blue icon, but there isn’t any dark navy blue icons like there used to be.