Archive - how does it work?

Can someone explain how works Archive?

I see that if I archive some note it will put to Archive “folder” without nesting tags, so if I have more than 30 notes it will problem find something here because all notes from different tags in one place.

What I am expecting - in View menu bar - “Show archive notes” and in my tags I will see notes with gray colors, that archived. The same things how operations system do for system files.

Maybe I misunderstanding principle Archive in Bear 2?

Archived notes don’t appear in search and can’t be edited. They retain their tags and if you restore them will work as normal. I rarely archive notes. I only use it for notes that I don’t want to appear in search but I may want to reference at some point. eg. the Bear Welcome Note.

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Thank you for answer. Yeah, nice to read in Welcome note about this. In your description it was written correctly that in this way - it doesn’t comfortable to manage it and remember that you archive some notes.