Backup dialog cut off?

Testing version: Version 2.1.2 (12452)

What were you doing: Doing a backup

What happened: I got a “please wait” dialog with the top half of the bear cut off.

What did you expect to happen: Didn’t the “please wait” dialog used to contain the entire bear image?


Any chance you have a non-retina monitor attached to a MacBook? I suspect the above can happen if Bear is started on a retina monitor and then moved to an external monitor.

Nope, this is a Mac Studio with a 5K2K monitor I run in a HiDPI scaled mode. This is a recent regression; when backing up previously I saw the whole bear.

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Meanwhile on my MacBook I am getting:

Is this a scaled display thing?

Apparently, no but I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue and I begin to think it’s hardware-specific.