Bear Safari Extension - Missing Images in Article Body

Testing version: 2.0 (9780)

What were you doing: Importing/clipping web article

What feature did you use: Safari Bear Extension

What happened: Safari Bear Extension imported head image but not other images

What did you expect to happen: One copy of full, web article containing all images

While the Safari extension can’t be expected to grab every image from every article, in some cases it’s only grabbing the lead image and missing the rest (although it’s getting the image captions). I’m unable to test with B1 since the Safari extension now points to B2.

This issue still occurs after restarting Safari and macOS.


Unfortunately both pages use javascript to load the images asynchronously and the converter is not able to find the images inside the HTML code. We do handle some image loaders and I’ll see if we can do something here as well.

For the moment you can use this trick, select the article content you are interested in Safari and hit Bear’s extension button.

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That - or just separately drag the images into the Bear note. This may or may not be faster depending on how long it takes to delete all the imported ad images/text.