Beta: difficult to mix bullets and non-bullets

Testing version: 10641

What were you doing: Converting lines of text to bullets (CMD-L)

What feature did you use: Bullets (CMD-L or dash)

What happened: Other lines indented below the line I wanted to be a bullet, but they were not bulleted themselves. Very hard to un-indent the other lines, too. Should be much simpler and less fiddly to simple select some lines of text (with carriage returns after them) to be bullets, while other lines are not turned into bullet.

What did you expect to happen: Should easily be able to select a single line of text (by line, I mean I hit RETURN after that line) and either put a dash in front of the line, or hit CMD-L, and make only that single line of text turn into an inserted bullet line. No other lines of text should be affected unless they are also selected.

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I think that lines below don’t get indented if there is a blank line between the line you are bulleting and the lower lines.

At least on Mac

Which may or may not be desired behavior, but you can add an empty between two lines before you bullet.

Un-indenting may not be restoring indentation properly though?

Correct, it helps to put an empty line, but I still think there are two issues there (one a preference, the other an actual bug.)

  1. The preference is to not want to add a full empty line, since that just takes up vertical space, and since I already did a carriage return. A new line via CR seems to be a sufficient break to say that this next line is a different format. This is how headers work, for instance.

  2. The actual bug is that the following line is indented, but not bulleted. So this is not correct by any measure. Either the contiguous lines are the same (bulleted) or they are different (a regular line of un-indented text). The indent is part of the bullet (I never hit tab.) So removing the bullet, but still indenting the next line, isn’t consistent with any author-created intent.

And yes, the 3rd issue is probably another bug - there is no apparent way to then un-indent that next line. Shit TAB, backspace, etc don’t work. Backspace just pulled the CR out and merges the new line back to the previous line.


That’s the intended behavior, following the Markdown specification the line after a list item is still part of it. If you want to stop a list you can leave an empty line after the line with the bullet/number.

You can see more example here.

There is no way to:

  1. not have a full empty line to break a list
  2. have the line following a list item not to be indented (as it still part of the list item)
  3. de-indent the line after a list item (see 2.)

We currently are 100% Markdown compatible and this is how markdown lists works :slight_smile:



Yeah I figured it must be a feature as I’ve found it actually quite useful to be able to do a line break and still stay in the list indentation.

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Hmm ok, seems weird to have a new-line on a bullet still indented, especially since when you hit RETURN you get a new bullet. You have to do some gymnastics to create that situation.

But if it is intentional and following other spec, I’ll just have to get use to it. It is a noticeable break in the flow of text, implies a new “section”, and takes significant screen space on a laptop. Unclear the benefit. But such is life :slight_smile:

May ask what the reasoning is for a new line to be able to be part of the list item but not have a bullet ( in the markdown examples you linked the new line is just ignored altogether and merged with the first line)

Is it for more flexibility in formatting?

I think it would be very weird if Bear did it exactly like CommonMark and somehow merged the line breaked line after the list into the list item itself (like the CommonMark example above does).

Just like it would be weird if empty lines didn’t render somehow when you stopped editing or something.

Idk hard to explain with words, but it would have to move the text after you typed it. I think the indentation is a great compromise, or a visual way to represent that it belongs to above list item rather than using indentation like normal body text.

Got it. I can get behind that.

Just want to note that if you want to remove a bulleted list without ending up with subsequent indented lines. Two things that I have been doing:

  1. Remove bullets top down instead of button up (I.e. delete the higher up bullets first)

  2. Select all the bullets at once and click the bullet list button in the BIU keyboard.

There might be other ways to do it too.