Can’t properly copy-paste sketch

Testing version: Panda v0.1

What were you doing: Trying to copy sketch and share it into messenger app Telegram

What feature did you use: Sketch copy

What happened:

  1. Image was inserted as sticker, which didn’t allow full screen preview
  2. Background was black and lines were barely visible
  3. Image contained only white borders of the original white lines (don’t know how to formulate that properly, see attached image).

What did you expect to happen:
Same behaviour as when using “Share” option: white background, proper colours

Hi there,

at the moment we’re sharing the image without the background, but I see that it not might be good so we’re going to add it back.

As for the insertion as sticker, we don’t have control over that, it’s the target application that decide how to handle the image that we provide :slight_smile: