Code Block Formatting

I’ve been back and forth too many times in my use of Bear, but am back on the wagon right now!

Really excited about the upcoming 2.0 release.

One of the things that has always caused me to move away from Bear is the code block formatting. I keep going back to Quiver because I love the code block in Quiver, but lover everything else in Bear a lot more!

Essentially, I really want the code editor in Bear to auto indent, highlight parts of code, etc., like a code editor. (See the image in this post for what I mean.)

Are there any plans for this?


Main thing I want for their code blocks is the ability to turn off wrapping and have the code block horizontally scroll.

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Hi there,

There’s not been internal talks about this, so therefore we’ve no current plans for this. However, I’ll pass it onto the team to have a think about and see if it makes sense for us when moving forward! :slight_smile:

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