Content disappears from table cell

Testing version: Panda 1.0 (922)

What were you doing: Testing table behavior in Panda

What feature did you use: Table editing

What happened: Cell contents disappeared

What did you expect to happen: Cell contents preserved

Steps to reproduce bug:

  1. Create table (⌥⌘T)
  2. Enter content into each of 4 cells (e.g., “a” and “b” in first row, “c” and “d” in 2nd row)
  3. Move cursor into last column of first row (“b” cell)
  4. Insert a row (⌘⏎ )
  5. Undo the last action (⌘Z)

After step #5, the cursor is in the last cell of the table and the contents are unexpectedly blank (the “d” has disappeared). If you navigate out of the cell (using arrow keys or mouse), the content (“d”) reappears; however, if you start typing, the content (“d”) is lost.


Yep I can reproduce it too with a table of other dimensions.
It’s also the cell that the cursor is active in that gets cleared out - i.e. it can be any column

Hi folks,

thank you for reporting this, the UI wasn’t updated properly after the undo (the content was there, just now visible).

I’ve fixed this and next release will solve the issue.


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