Copy paste not working from some websites on Chrome

Testing version:
1.9.6 (latest)
What were you doing:
Copy pasting from website
What feature did you use:
ctrl+C ctrl+V (or right click and paste is the same)
What happened:
does not get pasted, but it is actually in clipboard
What did you expect to happen:
To be pasted correctly

I join a video to show case the bug.
I could reproduce only when using Chrome (I use version 105, automatically updated), firefox and safari were fine.
As you can see on the video, only when I copy from the “code” part of this website, it doesn’t work, but other parts are fine.

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Hi @KirkDayne, Thank you for the feedback here! I’ve recreated this issue using the same website, same text block, and same note content as you, but I didn’t have any problems. The first thing I would suggest is clearing the cache from chrome and restarting the browser.

Try force closing all apps except chrome and panda, then try again. Sometimes the inability to paste could mean another app is in conflict with the standard keyboard shortcuts. Knowing this info, we can make further tests to see what else may be causing this. :smiley: