Crash When Aligning Table Column

Testing version: 1.0 (362)

What were you doing: Finished filling all table cells then went to align the center column.

What feature did you use: Clicked on the dots menu to center align column.

What happened: Crashed

What did you expect to happen: The column text to center align.

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I had the same issue, but using left align.

Same issue here. I attached the crash dump
panda_crash_dump.txt (83.1 KB)

I had the same issue. I started on the default page that opened after launch. I added a default 2 row 2 column, I typed Column 1 and Column 2 in the first row of each column. I then just added 3 numbers in each column on the second row. I chose on the right the dots … on the right column and added a 3rd column. After selecting that it crashed the program.