Custom keyboard doesn’t hide properly

Testing version: 0.1 2208 (iOS)

What were you doing: Scrolling backwards

What feature did you use: Custom keyboard

What happened: Custom keyboard changed to ordinary keyboard

What did you expect to happen: Custom keyboard to hide

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting the above. May I ask, is this still occurring for you?

What iOS device and version were you using?


Yes, it is still occurring.

iPhone 6s
iOS 14.7.1

Thank you for this additional information for investigation.

Have you tried a quit and restart? Also a reboot of the device? Does it still occur after this?


I have tried

  • “Hiding app” via Home button
  • Properly quitting the app
  • Normal restart of iPhone
  • Hard reset of iPhone

Thank you for the additional information. This is helpful to know when investigating.