Date Inside of Table

If you try to use a shortcut to post the date inside of a table, it breaks the whole table. It is fine if you just type it manually.

Sorry, probably should have had this as a bug. If you use insert date (for example: hitting Command->Shift->8) inside any table it will break the whole table. Here is what happens to the table once you use that command.


Thank you for reporting this.
Yes, I do agree the date insertion should not break the table in this situation. We’ll try our best to include this in the next beta update.

Enjoying the beta, thanks Bear team for all the awesome work! Love tables and hiding the syntax!

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@trix180 @matteo

Thanks for the new beta version, migration now was flawless with my library and tagcons :grinning:

The shortcut for date Shift ⌘8 and 9 now inserts the date without breaking the table.
But date is inserted just above table, and not inside current table cell as expected.

So guess this bug is only partly fixed … :thinking:

Yep! I see the same thing.

Yes, this is surely not the expected result :sweat_smile:
Thanks for re-reporting this.