Do many of you use Bear to maintain your Genealogy Research?

I’m new to Bear, just today, and have been using UpNote (with Notebooks) for all my Genealogy Research files. For example, I maintain a large Notebook called Surnames under which there are 8 sub-notebooks for each of my great-grandparents. Under each of those sub-notebooks, there are apt to be dozens of Notebooks for persons related to that particular great-grandparent. The Title of each of those notebooks can be rather long containing their full names (last, first, middle, plus years of birth and death. I can’t imagine using tags that long and in lower case. I think they might be rather confusing. How have you genealogists handled this issue?

I have actually found that Obsidian works well for genealogy research. In addition to being able to use wikilinks to connect family members, Obsidian has the graph view to be able to see the relationships.

Thanks, Dave. I’ve heard a fair amount about Obsidian yet have never looked at it in depth. I heard about an app called Goldie May at a geology webinar the other day. It’s not a family tree app but one that will help with research. Again, I haven’t had a chance to look at it seriously yet. It’s an app with many parts to it created by a man who’s worked in the genealogy field for a number of years.

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I am not quite sure how this can work out but at least I can say, although the tag shown on the left side bar would all be in lower case, you can actually use space and capital letters in the notes if that makes it easier to view
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Thanks, Eleanor. The import has completed and, while it leaves me with a multitude of questions I won’t go into here, the note titles all came over in perfect order. I only wish I could say the same about tags as I definitely want Bear to work for me. Much appreciated again!

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I forgot to ask, are you a genealogist and, if so, do you use Bear for your research data and how do you like it? I’m finding, the more I learn about Bear, that it’s the app I want to use in place of UpNote.

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