Duplicate WikiLink Listings

  • Bear Version: 2.1.9
  • OS Version: 14.4.1 Sonoma, iPadOS 17.5
  • What were you doing: Creating a link to another Bear Note
  • What feature did you use: [[
  • What happened: Two notes with the same name appears (there is only one note in my system)
  • What did you expect to happen: one note without duplicates

When creating a link to another Bear note on both Mac and iPad using the [[ function, I will occasionally see the same note listed twice. It doesn’t matter which note I select. The created link correctly goes to the right note. This issue usually spans all my devices, but there have been cases where this only shows up on an iPad or Mac.

If I temporally rename the note that I’m linking to, then rename it again, the problem resolves. I’ve applied this solution a number of times, but the problem seems to crop up regularly with other notes.

I’ve attached a few screenshots to document the problem.

  1. Mac mini. Hero’s Journey is doubled.
  2. MacBook Air. Hero’s Journey and There Is No Self notes are both doubled, which is an example where the doubling isn’t consistent across devices.
  3. iPad mini (same as Mac mini).
  4. Mac mini with two windows showing source and destination note. Clicking either link takes you to the same note.
  5. Mac mini with two windows after renaming Hero’s Journal to include today’s date.
  6. Mac mini after restoring Hero’s Journey to original name. Hero’s Journey is no longer duplicated in link window.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Usually, this problem is caused by a note link with a space or unicode character differing from the right note title. The panel also lists unlinked wiki links to make more easier to create links on the fly without having the corresponding note but, if the [[link]] has some subtle differences with the note title.

if you search “[[hero” in the note list search you’ll be presented with all the wiki links, please replace them with the result of right-click > Copy note link on the target note (Her’s journey) in the note list.

Thank you for your response.

I’ve searched my system as you suggested and copied the exact note title into all the wikilinks for one of the affected notes in my system. All links to this note are now identical. After doing this, the note is still listed twice when I go to create a new link to it, so this may not be the usual problem?

please replace them with the result of right-click > Copy note link on the target note (Her’s journey) in the note list.

Do I understand your solution is to avoid using wikilinks with the “[[” brackets in Bear?