Export as PDF: Page Break in Drawings

I’ve been using Panda a lot this year for university assignments, with a combination of typed writing and hand writing for math expressions. I then export it as PDF and hand it in. I always have the issue of much white free space on a page, since it will move the whole drawing segment to the next page if it’s not fitting on the current page. It would be amazing if it would automatically split up a handwritten segment.

For my daily use that would be the biggest upgrade in Bear 2.

PS: It would be great if the selected background of a drawing would also be visible on the PDF file.

I think this concerns Bear 2 for iOS and we don’t have it yet but I can tell splitting handwriting drawings might be very tricky and might have very unexpected results for many people. Have you consider using the image resize tool to better accommodate your drawings in the PDF?

I think this might be eventually an export option to consider in the future.

Understood. Different approach could be a feature to basically cut a drawing area in two parts manually? Could you consider adding something like that? I know it’s also possible to select everything below a certain point, add a new drawing area and paste it but it would be so much more convenient to just say: split drawing area here.

EDIT: The resize tool is only available for images, not for drawings made inside Panda, correct?

I would really appreciate if you would add the export option. Cheers!

I’m very unsure about how to make this work in terms of UI but maybe we should consider a split drawing area feature.

Correct. You can resize the height but will cut part of the drawings. I forgot about that.