Feature request: backlinks

Hi San,

As noted above, the plan is still to have them integrated somewhere in the info panel.

We’re just waiting to do this until after it’s migrated from Panda. This is as note links and backlinks only work for Bear.

I’ll add your vote to it!

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1+ for backlinks. Thanks

Thanks for the comment Lloyd, vote has been added :slight_smile:

+1 for backlinks function:)

+1 for the Backlinks

Hi @noodlemind and @Andy1

Just to note that the current plan for this feature is to have them somewhere in the info panel.

We’re just waiting to do this until after it’s migrated from Panda, as this would only work in Bear.

Your votes have still been added though :slight_smile:

Does that mean that linking notes won’t be implemented into panda during its further development?

Hi Chris,

Yes, Panda doesn’t have a list of files, therefore it’s not possible for it to have backlinks :slight_smile:

Yeah, for sure it is not possible now. But i was talking about further development. Will panda remain the barebone editor or is it probable that it will also get in future a left side panel for managing files and tags?

Hi Chris,

Panda is just a test version of the new Editor for Bear, it is like we removed just the current Bear Editor, isolated it, and are working on improving it.

When the new Editor for Bear (Panda) is complete and finalised, it will be added back into Bear via an update.

This update will be a merger of the two (current Bear & Panda) and this update will be a beta in-app test, allowing users to try out and test everything. This round of testing should include linking and backlinks.

Regarding Panda outside of this, Panda was initially just meant to be a throwaway tester for the new Editor for Bear.

However, due to customer feedback we are now thinking about possibly also having Panda as a standalone Editor after it’s added into Bear.

What may be included in this standalone version has not yet been decided. We will focus on this after the new Editor has successfully been added into Bear :bear:


Thanks for detailed clarification :slight_smile:

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No problem at all Chris, always happy to help! :slight_smile:

Chiming in about the “tacking features” on top of Bear part. Bear’s Shortcut support is refreshingly robust. It’s super awesome and can be used to almost build a whole set of extra functionality on top.
I’m personally using a “Daily Note” shortcut that opens or creates a note for “today” with a given template.
Other templates are easy to set up as well.

I tried building Backlink support using Shortcuts (and Toolbox Pro) And got Quite Far! However, there’s one missing action that stops me from making this shortcut work fully.

  1. There is no way to Edit or replace the text of a note

As of right now, I could try a workaround like showing the UI in a browser or as a list in shortcuts, but there is also no way to get the currently open (or most recently opened) note in Bear

just come across this discussion as I am hoping that Bear / Panda will have backlinks soon so that I do not have to migrate to another app.

Just want to check that my understanding is correct - @TedwardBear , are you saying that backlink will NOT be coming to Bear / Panda?

No, he says actually the opposite: backlinks will come to bear, after panda as editor will be integrated into bear 2.0.

Panda in its current state is just a stand alone editor which doesn’t have a left pane with listed files. Therefore neither cross links nor backlinks can work in panda. Once the editor is part of bear you will have both of them.