Some collected feedback after using Bear, since public beta

a) back and forward be set to macOS back and forward (so I can use with mouse buttons too, which I currently do and works in Finder and Safari).

b) I’d like to be able to see both ToC (when I view a note) and Backlinks, as both inform me a lot about what’s going on in the note.
⁃ Would be great if they could be on top of each other.

c) Shortcuts for quickly switching between sorting by modification date and creation date.

d) Visible icon like before for quickly “float on top” for a note.

e) Possibility to have individual sorting (saved) at the very least for the main categories: Notes, Untagged, etc. but ideally for tags in general too.
⁃ I’m finding I want notes under tags sorted by Title, but for all Notes and Untagged I want by last modification date.

f) A search term for finding unlinked notes (that is notes with no backlinks (or forward links))

g) I’m running Ayu theme. There’s no colour difference between internal links and external links. I would like to be able to tell the difference whether a link is going to open my browser or another note in Bear.

h) Would be great to have the option of seeing creation date in middle column instead of modification date.

i) Notes pinned (going to the top) end up cluttering the whole area under Notes and Untagged, which I use for quickly accessing recent notes I’ve worked on, but loses its effectiveness when you have to scroll past 30ish pinned notes each time.
⁃ However, pinning is super functional when looking under different tags.

j) When you have a lot of sub-tags it would be great if the pop-window would expand to show more of them, when you typing tag/sub-tag, so you can see the ones you have.

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 20.16.52


Now that linked mentions are shown as backlinks, there should be a special search to see orphans (notes with no incoming or outgoing links). I posted some ideas for improved search features last year. Unfortunately, it’s something further down the road.

In the meantime, this will work.

No outgoing links:


No incoming links (assuming all links start with a letter or number):

-[[a -[[b -[[c -[[d -[[e -[[f -[[g -[[h -[[i -[[j -[[k -[[l -[[m -[[n -[[o -[[p -[[q -[[r -[[s -[[t -[[u -[[v -[[w -[[x -[[y -[[z -[[1 -[[2 -[[3 -[[4 -[[5 -[[6 -[[7 -[[8 -[[9 -[[0

Save as search action.

Sorry, how does this exclude incoming links?

  • It seems to me like this would also just do no outgoing links? (assuming all outgoing links start with a letter or number)
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They’re both the same. I had the second one incorrect. No way I know of to see notes with no incoming links in Bear. You can do this in a graph easy, but you’d have to export your notes to another app, tag them, and reimport them into Bear.

So, we now have a search request for “unlinked” to go alongside “untagged”. :+1:

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