Something fuzzy this way comes 🐻‍❄️

We’ve been working hard. You’ve been waiting a while. Many of you helped us test Panda, which walked so that Bear 2 could run. And later this week it will finally run to a Mac near you.

The Bear 2 private beta is coming. Mac first, iOS next (it needs more time in the oven).

​In the meantime, here are some screenshots to tide you over.

Thanks again for all your help. Check back here later this week!

If you have any questions, we’ll be here all day answering them!


This is very exciting!
I have bits and pieces I want to ask about but then everything will be revealed when the beta comes next week. I shall hold my breath :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I can currently see

  • pinned tags
  • search for tagcons
  • Tag name shown on the second bar
  • View options for the list of notes

Would the BIU and etc at the top right corner of the editor as faint as the current Bear version? I like it being completely unnoticeable and unobtrusive :smiley:


This makes me very happy!
How do I get the Bear 2 Private beta?
By emailed link?
In Testflight?


You have good eyes :slight_smile:

We’re trying to make the app as accessible as possible in terms of contrast and the faint icons were failing the accessibility tests. BUT we’re open to feedback and we’re planning to hide the whole toolbar when typing.



the macOS beta will have a download link (TestFlight is only available on the latest macOS and the app supports way more versions). iOS will be on TestFlight.

We’ll have a forum post explaining everything about Bear 2.0 and there are going to be instruction for getting into the beta.


Ooh in that case, the contrast won’t matter :+1:

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It looks absolutely gorgeous, and it’s only the beginning. Congrats to the team - can’t wait to hop into the TestFlight! :smiley:

Will the Mac beta run on our current data? How will behave the iOS app if it’s working on the same data container?


Count me in for the beta :smiley:

Bear 2.0 looks absolutely AMAZING. I recently re-subscribed to Bear Pro because at the end of the day, even Bear 1 was a more pleasant experience than anything else on the market. And now it’s going to be even better.

I second @KillerWhale’s question about the data: whether the beta will run on current data or on a separate database.


We’re going to have a couple of steps:

  • At the beginning the beta (macOS) will work on a local copy of your notes, we want to be sure that everything is running smoothly and that the migration of your data is 100% safe and correct before touching your real notes
  • The beta will not sync until the iOS app is ready (we don’t want to double your iCloud usage)
  • As soon as the iOS app is ready we’ll have a similarly brief period of working on a copy of the database, soon after we’ll enable the sync and use the actual user data

This is roughly our plan, but we’ll probably adjust it depending on how the private beta goes.


I know you guys don’t like giving timelines, but what kind of gap are we talking about between Mac and iOS beta being ready? Days? Months? I’d love to help test and I primarily use Bear on my Mac, but having access on the go on my phone is somewhat important as well. I think you’d get much better feedback if people were using this as part of their normal workflow vs having to solely test it in a vacuum.



So hyped for the beta, will it first come first serve or like a waitlist?

That sounds a bit confusing. Does that mean any new content we create with the beta would wind up being abandoned?

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So Bear 2 can be used in older Mac system when going public?

YES! So glad to read this !
Now, how do I sign up for the private beta?

Super exciting! For a minute I thought the image of the icon picker was a calendar and got really excited! Alas it’s not - but still very excited!

Very cool. Can you please include images showing how backlinks will work? I didn’t see those in any of the screenshots. Much appreciated, and congrats to the team.


So glad it’s finally coming! Count me in !

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I’m not seeing anything here yet to address any of my Bear pain points, but I’m excited nevertheless and will be glad to evaluate the betas when the time comes.

Here’s to soon having:

  • Improved quoted text display
  • Formatting possible in headers, like bolding
  • Functional iOS search
  • Collapsible headers (maybe this one is showing in these screenshots?)
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Looks very, very, very nice! Beats Upnote, Craft, Obsidian and all the other note taking apps IMO, and I’ve tested them all.

BTW, is the backlink feature live in the beta?

I am a candidate to be on the beta list!