Something fuzzy this way comes 🐻‍❄️

I think it’s odd how happy I feel with this news. I just need backlinks. Please, give us backlinks so that my notes can finally go back home :grin:

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This looks great! My only criticism so far is that I really miss the grey “H1” to the left of H1 headers. I always thought that was a design element that made Bear unique from other notes apps.


Thanks @matteo for the update! I am so looking forward to having Panda incorporated into Bear! I can’t wait to work with the Beta!

Great news indeed, congrats to the team on getting here!

I want a test,I can’t wait it.

I just hope that internal link [[ ]] and external link [ ]( ) look different in the new editor…

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I hope it’s possible to only have titles show in the notes list. I use Bear as a PKM and it’s not useful at all to see a preview of the content, plus it doesn’t look minimalist.

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@mlucero Have you used Panda? New editor has a ‘auto hide markdown’ option to toggle this (although it displays an icon not ‘h1’ anymore)

At least a few weeks, we’re focusing on it as much as we can :slight_smile:

Absolutely, but we have also a lot of important things we need to test in a vacuum: the migration of the notes to the new format for example.


We’ll start with a few people and then when we’re sure that the app doesn’t explode we’ll make the beta free for all :smiley:

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Not at all! While the beta will start as a sandbox, nothing stops you from exporting/importing your notes when we’ll switch to production data.

Bear 2 is compatible with macOS 10.14+

We’ll make a post with all the instructions in a few days!

Backlinks will not be in the first beta, but in a later update. We’re adding those inside the info panel like the Stats and the Table of content :slight_smile:

It’s on our list!


Aside from the “Improved quoted text display” (we’ve no specific plans, but feel free to suggest something) everything else is already done and you can test it in Panda right now and inside Bear 2.0 in few days :slight_smile:



Take a look into the second screenshot. You will be able to hide subtags :+1:

It seems to be implemented, as far as i can see in the second screenshot. There are three preview styles: what we already know is large, but there is also medium and small

What is going to happen with the panda forum here once bear is released? Will it become a forum for bear? I hope so

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Woo hoo! Thank you, @matteo! Great news! :heart:

I had a feeling this was coming! It’s been relatively quiet here and I was betting that you were all really hard at work … can’t wait to use it!!

I’ve been asking for improved quoted text display for as long as I’ve been using Bear, e.g., in “Markdown Issue” support email thread from Sep 23, 2019. But happy to reiterate. In pretty much every other MD editor or display, quoted text looks clearly different and is indented. Taking a sample like:

Some quoted text

Some body text

Even here in Discourse, the quote is indented and in a box to separate it from body text. In Bear this same thing is nearly indistinguishable, besides the quoted text having a small line in the margin.


Please follow the approach of any MD app, Typora, Apollo, Marked. Same thing with bulleted and numbered lists, which looks promising from screenshot above.

I have used Panda near its start and it was a great improvement, but that was a long time ago now and I don’t even remember what was fixed and what wasn’t, so would have to consult my notes.

Panda addresses all that.



I have waited sooooo long for tables.

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First of all, congrats on long-awaited good news and soon becoming release! I know how much blood we drank out of you all, guys. Forgive us, we didn’t mean any harm, it just took us a long time to wait.

and the question:

I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but… do you plan to add formulas to tables? With functions like sum, minus, etc. (there are analogs in Notion, Google Sheets, and Exel). Tables are all along significant improvement, but their functions do not end with displaying text in cells. It may be much more productive and functional if they can logically interact with each other.

What do you say?

Amazing work team! I can’t describe how excited I am to finally be able to use Bear 2.0!

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