A quick update on the status of Bear 2.0

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I inform you that Bear 2 has become frozen. No, it hasn’t succumbed to the elements—it is now feature complete! This means we’re getting close to a public beta.

Everything we want to ship in Bear 2 is there, now we’re focused on general polish, bug fixes, and finalizing the iOS version. We hope to start the public beta in a week or two, and yes this means sync will be enabled.

All hands are on deck for Bear 2, which means Panda is in a holding pattern until after we ship. Outside of major bugs or fixes, we don’t expect frequent updates to the beta since our goal is to give you something that is quite close to the final product.

This is a really exciting time for us, and we thank you for all your testing and constructive feedback to make Bear 2 the bear-iest 2 it can be. Stay tuned.


Sounds great!

Will “Bear Chrome extension” be also updated?

Congrats, can’t wait!


And how about external images support in Bear 2.0 using ! [] (url) syntax.

I have not heard updates about it. It’s really important for migration from other tools. Thanks!


Congratulations! Looking forward to it!

Really looking forward to IOS and sync :hugs:


“60 seconds?! But I want it now.”


Congratulations Matteo. It’ll be great for the team to hit this release. A great product taken to the next level.

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Great news! Does this mean we’ll soon see a post asking for beta testers for the iOS version?

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As far as I’ve understood it will be a public beta

Fantastic news! Will the Shortcuts functionality be restored in the next beta (on MacOS or iOS)? Looking forward to testing that out…

I don’t think any update will be required to the Chrome extension in order to work with B2, unless you have bugs to report.

Congratulations to the whole team for this wonderful product.

We don’t have control over the actions Shortcuts.app display on macOS and if you have both B1 and B2 you are most likely using B1’s. The next beta update is built as a replacement for B1 so you should be able to see and use the new B2 actions. iOS doesn’t have this issue.


This is awesome news! Can’t wait to daily drive Bear 2 and put it through its paces!

Congratulations on finally freezing Bear 2 features, leaving the non-sensical info column out in the cold. :partying_face:

What column are you talking about at all? In the last few days, out of impatience probably, the wrong assumption has spread that the development is being delayed due to feature requests. It would be good not to stretch the imagination too much and come up with reasons that have never been communicated in this way. I would love to know what message is hidden behind what you have written especially since you wrote the same elswhere in another thread

Hey can you maybe please keep B1 separate from B2 beta so that I can keep B1, B2, and Panda all on my Mac at the same time? :rofl: No, I’m totally just kidding, don’t do that.


Congratulations for the upcoming beta release. I couldn’t be more excited.


Amazing news!! I’m like hanging in there despite my own impatience but good wine always takes time. Regardless, I cannot wait. Thanks so much for the update!