Release ETA for Bear 2.0 / end of beta?

Hi - is there any ETA on when Bear 2.0 will be released? Seems like it has been in beta for ages. Very keen to use the new version!
thanks :grinning:

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Bear 2 will hopefully be out of beta by 2025

2023 and Q1 no less! And we thought you might be hibernating. :wink: Strong work, Bear team!


LOL! It does seem to have been in beta for quite a while…

Actually the beta of bear 2 is not older than 6 months

That said, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten any new build.


Hopefully they’ll have iOS/iPadOS betas ready this week …
@trix180 ?


Have patience. Star Citizen needs more “polishing” first. Then Bear 2.

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Hello, we decided to accept user feedback here and ship the iOS version along with sync to have a beta that can be used in real-life contexts. In the last weeks, we worked hard to have a stable build on all platforms and we are pretty much done. This week we are internally testing and working on some missing pieces, if no more groundbreaking issues emerge we’ll ship the beta update next week.

Also, the flu was not kind to the Shiny Frog team this year.


How will the iOS version be shipped?
Via invitations to TestFlight?
In that case please put me on the invitation list.

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Great news @trix180!
Good luck with that flu and with polishing up. :muscle:t2:


Super excited!

I wish all a swift recovery from the flu!

Super excited! Big thanks to Shiny Frog for building such a great product!

If you can release a Bear 2 beta, focusing solely on avoiding catastrophic sync failures – i.e., quickly squash any bug that corrupts data – that allows people to start using the Bear 2 beta for their notes in exchange for accepting crashes, missing or misbehaving features, and occasionally generating a just-in-case-backup of their notes (using FileBackup Notes… from the menu) while using the beta, you will have lots of happy bear cubs, including this one! We will happily forgive crashes & beta behaviors in exchange for being able to work within the beauty & improvements already present in Bear 2 beta.

Hope everyone is happy & healthy now!

It’s refreshing to see the Bear team throwing out actual timelines like this. Getting a adoptable (i.e., not just to play with & then go back to Bear 1) Bear 2 beta release in March 2023 would be absolutely wonderful!


I hereby retract my snarky joke. Well done Shiny Frog.

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strong text** :grinning:**