What's the status of IOS verison

I know it have been asked before, but can we know the status of IOS? Without it and sync function, I can’t enjoy bear 2.0 beta


I guess iOS version is just pending dude.

P.s. Are you from China???

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We are working on the iOS and backlinks in parallel at the moment. We hope to release both by the end of the year.


Release as in a release with sync or release as in add backlinks to the current Mac OS beta and add iOS beta test of Bear separate. I hope the first. Even if both are beta I would commit to move over to bear 2 with sync as I use Mac, and iOS in tandem multiple times a day.

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End of year would be amazing! Eagerly awaiting the iOS release


Is an update in the works to include search within a note on iOS?

Yes, as in Panda, Bear’s iOS editor will include in-note search.

But assume we are now in to next year for an iOS release??

Yes, our intention was to release it before the holidays but we are still in the process of fixing the iOS release and we wanted to ship backlinks first.


Very much looking forward to it! Thanks for all the hard work, I know you’re crunching it!