When can we expect the next beta build?

Not pressuring you, just curious: when can we expect another Bear 2 beta build and what is to be expected? The previous builds came one right after another and now it’s been about 2 weeks since the last one. Makes sense since the most urgent problems have already been fixed. So is an iOS beta next? Or should we expect more Mac builds first?

I was wondering the same thing, aside from a few minor glitches Bear 2 feels pretty solid now. I am looking forward to being able to sync my notes on my iOS devices :wink:

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we are integrating the OCR search within the note search and working on some edge cases. This and some other reported bugs have taken more time than expected but early next week we plan to release an update. The iOS development is proceeding in parallel and we’ll share a build as soon as possible.


Great job guys, I have been using the new app almost exclusively (at my own risk) and I am loving it. For now I just miss the font size setting, my old eyes would really like to increase the default size :wink:

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While this is missing from the setting you can still use it via ⌘+/ ⌘- or using the menu “View → Zoom in/out/actual size” :slight_smile:


Shame on me… I didn’t even try the shortcuts… nor I noticed the option in the menu…