Release Date coming soon?

I was wondering when we can expect the release of bear2.

They said in the Non-TL;DR version:
“In the next month or two, we hope to ship Bear 2 with over 20 great new features including tables, Markdown hiding, Backlinks, an all-new sketching tool, document scanning, folding sections, footnotes, RTL language support, and more.”

Was that regarded to shipping the beta of bear2 or the actual finished product?
Because it has been 3 months after that post.

And if this was regarded to the beta:
When do you guys think the release date will come?


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The timescale was referring to the actual launch of Bear v.2 into the wild and out of beta captivity. I’ve been hoping to see it released for weeks now. I’m taking heart from the fact that so many posts on this forum now are feature requests for the future rather than a myriad of bug reports.
Fingers crossed we get good news soon although there is legend that every time someone asks when it will be released, the devs move the ship date back by a month :grinning:


I saw a draft of a new Blog-Post via RSS yesterday. Starting with:

„Your eyes do not deceive: A post like this means we’re getting close to launching Bear 2!“

I think we‘re talking about days not weeks…




I really hope it goes live this week


…I guess I better subscribe quickly then before the launch! :slight_smile: By the way, is there another way rather than using the Apple store?

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If you dig into Product Hunt website you can find exact launch date :grin::partying_face::tada:

I doubt it, they’ll do a blog post first.

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No there isnt an option to buy it not over App Store.

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Here’s another question: when Bear 2 goes live, is the listing in TestFlight going to vanish?

I’m afraid code inspection is beyond me. One of the things I’d like to learn but haven’t a clue where to even begin.

@Cris When the launch happens, can you post here where on Product Hunt they embedded? I couldn’t find it, and would love to know where it was hiding. :sweat_smile:

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Same here.
Would like to know too!

TestFlight will keep going I think and will be updated with any new versions needing v2.0.1 or 2.1 etc

Me, I’d like to not beta test after the release. The subsequent updates will come soon enough. If I deleted the TestFlight app after successful migration, would that work?

When I tested another app you could just delete the beta version and then go to the App Store and use the current public release.

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I just googled “product hunt coming soon” and here’s what I found:

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and then a little bit of navigation


oooh so in the next 7 days max.
That would be very nice!

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