Release date of B2?


I remember having read that the 1st release date of B2 was April 2022.
9 months later, when will the baby comes to the world ? :slightly_smiling_face:


I think a good balance is needed here. I do prefer waiting a bit longer and getting well-implemented features over frequent releases with half-baked features. However, I hope the Bear team won’t drown in feature creep and postpone the Bear 2 release indefinitely.


Just because they claim about that on Reddit it doesn‘t mean it will last forever. The devs said they aim to finish the official beta at end of Q1. If it should last until summer it also will be fine.

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Set your expectation of Bear 2 being released in late 2025; when that expectation is dashed, you can re-assess in 2026. If Bear 2 is released before 2026, we can all be pleasantly surprised. Bear is an awesome application and Bear 2 will be even better when it comes, but Bear can be frustrating for anyone expecting (i.e., waiting on or anticipating) new releases. Embrace the long now, practice mindfulness, and approach watching Bear evolve like watching a tree grow. Beautiful in its current state, lots of promise for the future, but it’ll come when it comes.


Every informed person can immediately understand the content of your post. Only it’s purpose remains in the dark. Can you tell us about it?

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Speaking for myself, I would happily wait another year for B2 if is meant a high quality release (in terms of few bugs and good reliability).

I choose Bear because it is well designed and reliable.

I am so tired of software quality being hit or miss.

Bear has been so refreshing due to their commitment to quality. :tada:

My two cents.


Maybe can we otherwise have a MVP ensuring first the non-regression tests and the Panda GUI rollout.
Smaller releases, better bug & change management :wink:

I guess bear 2 will release in October 2023.

People need to keep in mind that a release can’t happen without a code freeze, which requires a feature freeze. If you really want to see Bear 2 release, stop requesting new features for Bear 2 and start requesting new features for Bear 2.x, where x > 0.

IMHO, the only thing that needs to be added at the moment is the iOS app (with sync). That and bug fixes should be the only thing anyone should be asking for at this point…that is, if you want to see a final release of Bear 2.0.

Creature feep is real, folks!


Generally people request features without saying which version they mean. I think that even the most requests are not meant for 2.0

Apart from that: do you really believe that the devs are thrown out of their origin plan because they cannot follow no longer all the requests? I think we all need just a little bit patience :wink:

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Indeed, Clients request and Dev Team logs :wink:

Funny image Bear crew listening ad eternum for new features. That’s the use of a product owner. And those “freezes” are totally necesary. Now. It makes me wonder if they have the adequate business module, or the right afile framework. If updates take ages and ages there is something to be improved.
Those of you who say that for a GOOD product could wait until October o another year, remember the speed at which tech goes. And we don’t know how pervasive will be AI in a year.
Who knows when Bear2 launches it’s technical debt will be so big that it will another 3 yrs to 2.5. I don’t know just reflecting.

Another negative point about these massive delays is that trust in the company is shaken.

They should charge more and give it energy. Not much more. but hey 35 u$ a year? more than double would be fair.

This delay makes me to start find other editors (from my point of view not only me thinks like this ), from my point of view I cannot wait to long for some feature that still needs but no one knows when they will be released, I stopped using B1 because waiting of some features that supposed to appear in B2, and the B2 still in development with no release date. What I want to say many people like me will find another app and may not return back, I don’t know this delayed release can result into loss of customers and customers confidence and may not return back. I’m sure that not all people who test will not pay for final product, but those who a pay now for B1 using other app.

I am perfectly happy with Bear 1. It does almost everything I need in a notes app. I supplement it with Hookmark, which gives me links and backlinks. I also use this a lot to connect to material in Devonthink. The Bear 2 Beta is impressive and I will certainly switch to it…whenever that may be.

I have no input to say that people will change their app because of a lack of release. I am still working with B1 and I am not planning to change app.
However, my biggest expectation is the web version allowing me to do my works on Windows. So B1 or B2, no matter the version code as long as I can work on Windows as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Waiting for the release of Bear 2 today, I again attempted to change my writing app and again failed.

UpNote. The disgusting UI. It’s painful to even look at, let alone use.

Craft. Everything was going fine until I understood that it treats each line of text as a separate block. And both copied and imported notes are visually stretched because there is padding between each block. Everything went wrong already on import. I’d have to go through all my texts with shift + enter just to convince Craft to use everything in one block. And there’s no way to turn this off because it’s part of Craft’s philosophy.

And yes - you can’t fine-tune the font, size, indentation, line spacing, and things like that inside the application itself, only for individual blocks of text.

Obsidian. A bit better in design than UpNote, but the mobile app is horrible, and everything is somehow too complicated. It’s hard to understand where all the necessary settings are, they aren’t highlighted visually. I feel as if I am on Android. It’s not the kind of experience I’d be interested in or at least enjoyable.

Ulysses. Terribly awkward formatting panel and the whole thing looks a bit underdone. Somewhere the animations are crooked, and somewhere the formatting is too crude. The overall impression suffers a bit, although I liked how the organization of the files and the right sidebar were done.

Every six months of waiting you should force yourself to go through Bear’s alternatives to find out how much you love Bear. I am settled down and waiting for the release of Bear 2.


@barad1tos … I’ve been doing the same thing… Anytype, Capacities, Clover, Craft, iA Writer, Logseq, Nota, Notion, Nova, Obsidian, Roam Research, Tangent, Typora, Ulysses, UpNote… etc., While Notion/Craft have been growing on me as I’ve learned how to use them and I’ll export my Bear notes to test another app. All my notes live in Bear and it is my steady “go to.”

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I’m reassured someone feels the same way after many have raved about the nice and clean interface

As a former ulysses user i have to defend this app. It isn’t meant as note app. It is a writing app and nothing more. And in that regard it is still one of the best. However, after a few months with bear 2 i even start to consider bear 1 as tiring because of the visibility of the markups

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That chart is interesting but very outdated regarding Obsidian. It does have an iOS app with solid sync, and block references.

(Still rooting for Bear but I’m feeling the pull of « use software that exists now, not the software that could be »…)

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Def agree; Ulysses is pretty terrible if you use it as a note taking app, but for writing it’s pretty much perfect, with it’s use of goals, tags and organisation features (the only thing that really compares is Scrivener, but never really got on with that).

TBH I’ve kind of been on a similar journey, trying out various apps; Craft, Notion and Obsidian were all pretty jank one way or another and Ulysses and iA Writer were too limited for general purpose notes. There’s also a raft of electron based apps that look pretty but feel terrible.