Bear 2 beta changelog Apr 21, 2023

Hey everyone! We have an update today with two pawfuls of fixes and small new features and preferences. Note: The first release of this update was crashing on launch on Mac, but we have since fixed that and updated the update. Sorry about that.

Today’s beta update is build 10936 (Mac) and 10939 (iOS). It’s currently awaiting Apple’s approval for broad release, so keep an eye out and take it for a spin once it’s available. Here’s the new stuff to bang on:

  • New: Added Markdown Hiding option in Preferences > General
  • New: Added Paragraph Spacing option in Preferences > Typography
  • New: Added Paragraph Indent option in Preferences > Typography
  • Fixed crashes with autocomplete panels
  • Fixed a note table bug
  • Fixed a crash concerning search results in PDF documents
  • Fixed some UI glitches when copy or pasting a PDF preview
  • Fixed nested tag sorting in Sidebar
  • Improved ‘Copy as Rich Text’ with unordered and ordered lists to paste better into various target apps
  • Fixed some migration bugs


  • New: The note title will appear in the editor toolbar on scroll
  • New: Preferences > Sync panel
  • Fixed detached windows restoration of position and size
  • Fixed a crash on launch


  • New: Various preferences including custom font settings
  • Open-link shortcut for iPadOS with external keyboard
  • Fixed ⇧-Tab behavior with a keyboard on iPadOS
  • Solved a few crashes on launch
  • Removed the PDF export option in the related Shortcut action (remains on macOS)
  • Fixed a Spotlight integration bug
  • Scribble interactions are now disabled when the note is not editable
  • Sketches cannot be edited if the note is not editable

God bless you. Thank you so much, this is appreciated more than you know.


echoing the appreciation for the markdown hiding switch. visible markdown has always been a killer feature for me in bear. looking forward to having it again and testing out the beta more. thanks team!


This fixed a bug I was having with syncing. Also looks like a bunch of notable other fixes. Thanks for working so fast, you all rock :pray:

Bear team - this update really feels like Version 2 is coming together nicely. I am excited for you all - well done!

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Would you mind specifying what the shortcut is?

On MacOS it’s
command + K

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⌘⇧K on both iPadOS and macOS


Can someone post a screenshot of the title appearing in editors toolbar? I am curious

Absolutely love the markdown hiding! No more text jumping around when I write and format. Thank you so much!


Sure! I’m on iPad but Mac looks quite similar.

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About the new note title, the title stays in the top bar after I stop scrolling. It will only disappear if I type something.

Very clever, I really like it.


thanks for the hard work. you guys are building my dream note taking app.

I have one request: can you add a toggle that I can press to fold/unfold specific parts of the note, or for the lists that I don’t always to be visible?

Thanks in advance.

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