Bear 2 beta requests - Welcome 2023

Hello and welcome 2023,

Please feel free to drop a message here if you want to request access to Bear 2 macOS beta.



Can I run it in parallel with Bear 1 with separate notes DBs? (I don’t want to put my real notes in a beta, but would love to kick the tires and provide feedback. I’ve been playing around with Panda and like what I see!)

If yes, please send me an invite.

Very much looking forward to Bear 2!! You all rock and I love your software.

Yes please, would love to try Beta 2 - thanks!

I would like Beta access please

Yes, I would like to try Bear 2 macOS beta. Thank you!

Hey would it be possible to be added to the TestFlight beta for the iOS Bear beta when it’s available?

Yes, Bear 2 macOS beta can work along with Bear 1 because operates on a separate database.

Would love to get access to the beta!

I’d love access to the Bear 2 beta ! My spring semester just started and it’s perfect for organizing my schedules and notes :slight_smile:

Yes, I would like to try Bear 2 macOS beta. Thank you!

:wave:t3: would love to kick the tires!

Would love to test Bear 2.

Dope! Would love access to the beta then.


Hi there. is there a new beta for IOS, which will work with the MacOS Beta ? in Testflight I still see the Panda Version.

Thx for your great product and support !

I’ve been using Bear Pro since Feb. 2018. I’d love to try Bear 2 macOS beta. I’ll report bugs and give you tons of feedbacks. Thank you!

I would like to be considered for beta testing.
Thank you.

I actively use the program on iOS and macOS.
I really liked the Panda editor. I would like to participate in testing Bear 2.0 for two operating systems.

I would love to use Bear 2! :blush:

I would love access, Bear 1.0 is great, and I would love to test out Bear 2.0 and provide my feedback.