Bear 2 beta requests 25-11-2022

Hello everybody,

please feel free to drop a message here if you want to request access to Bear 2 macOS beta.



Well, I certainly would welcome some tables in my daily business :slight_smile:

I would like access to the macOS beta - thanks

I’d be interested in joining. Thanks.

I also would like access to the macOS beta - thanks!

If you need another tester, I would be happy to get a chance to work with 2.0.

I’d love access to the beta. Thanks!

Super keen to join the beta - Tx!

I would like access to the macOS beta too. Thank You so much!

A good beta tester is looking for a job for testing their favorite app and guarantees detailed feedback.

I would like access to the macOS and iOS

Longtime Bear user/subscriber. Would love to help polish up the app with you fine folks.

I would like to participate in the Beta, thanks

I would really like to get access to Bear 2 please. I use the current Bear on a daily basis and it is my favorite organizational tool at work and home. Also, please consider having a non-cloud version when this goes live so I can use Bear 2 when it goes live. My company does not allow me to store my notes in the cloud (sadly).

I would love to help with the Bear 2 Beta! Thanks.

I would love to test for MacOS.

I’d like to try it too! :slight_smile:

Would LOVE to test out for you. Really excited for this.

Would love to test it too!