Bear 2 beta access requests


We are approaching a Bear 2 for macOS public beta but if want to join the private beta please drop a comment here. I’ll take care of sending you a private message with all the required info when we’ll invite another batch of testers.


I’d love to take it for a spin. Thanks!

I want to join the private beta. Thank you!

Please, add me to the private beta :slight_smile:

I love to join the private beta. Thank you.

I’d appreciate the chance to try the beta. Thanks!

Yes please to the beta access.

Me too. Looking forward to it

I’d like to try the beta please.

Would also definitely like to try the beta, thanks!

Hi Bear team! I would like to help you with beta version. Thanks in advance! :raised_hands:

Hello I would like access please.

i would love to test the new version!

Hello trix180,

I would also like to try the bear beta :slight_smile: .
Thanks for coming up with fresh news.

I would love to join the private beta. :heart:

Count me in, please!

I’d like to beta the iOS version, but I think I’m in the wrong place for that. Or am I?

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Would love access in the next round. Thanks!

I am very interested in trying the beta!