Bear 2 beta requests - 31-01-2023

Please feel free to drop a message here if you want to request access to Bear 2 macOS beta.



Hi, I would like to try out bear 2 beta to familiarise myself with it

Could I please have access? I did beta testing for Panda and have been a Bear Pro user for many many years now :slight_smile: Very excited for this!

Hi! I’d love to gain access back to the beta! Excited for the upcoming features

I would also love access to Bear 2 beta!

Nevermind - I just read the beta thread. I can use the same previous beta link. Thanks!

Would love to extend my Bear Beta 2 please.

Hey there! I would like access to Bear 2 please :pray:

Hello Bear Dev Team!

I’d love an invite to the Bear 2.0 macOS beta.


I lost access to the previous Bear Beta – would love access to the new Beta :clap:

Hello Bear Dev Team!


i can’t use beat app, when i click[go to website]. it’s doesn’t work, 404 not found, please give me a new beta version, thanks!


I’d like to try! Thanks!


id love to check out bear 2.0 beta. I’m an educator and teaching computer sciences mainly for 12-16 year olds and I would like to see if it could be fitting as an app for our iPad classes in school.

Also I use bear myself for personal and work use :slight_smile:

I would like access please. The other one expired. :pray:

Please could I get access to try out! thanks

I would like to access Bear 2 beta too! :wave:t2:

I would like Beta access please

hi everyone, same here for me: can’t open bear2 anymore and “Go to website” button gives a 404

edit: redownloading from initial download link (beta invite email) solved it

I’d love to get in as well. I use bear as a PKM and do lots of code snippets etc… like my own private blog just for myself.

Hi there, I’d love a beta invite. I’m a long time Bear user, strayed to Apple Notes for a while, and I’m interested in seeing what’s new. :slight_smile: