Bear Beta update (10209)

The beta didn’t expire. Your Mac just got confused on what day it is. cough. Anyway, we have a brand new beta with some small fixes and a… fresh lease on life! You can update by using the same link in your original beta invite or by PMing me.

Changes to the Backlinks UI

It is now possible to hide unlinked mentions in the Backlinks panel (check the new panel menu!).

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 17.03.13

Also starring:

  • Fixed a UI bug that allowed trashed and archived notes to be edited
  • Added 5 new Bear Pro themes: Notes, Rosé Pine, Rosé Pine Dawn, Tokyo Night, Academia
  • Fixed missing attachments when exporting a note to Markdown
  • ToC and Backlinks shortcuts now work with detached windows
  • Fixed an ENEX importer attachment bug
  • Improved how long tags are displayed in notes (they should no longer split between lines)
  • Improved line wrapping for all inline styles

I cannot wait to arrive at home to see the new themes :grin:

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You guys nailed that Apple Notes theme. Can we get a dark mode version of that pretty please?


Thank you guys!
Is it possible to sync bear2 with iphone/IOS or somehow sync bear1 → bear2 periodically?

I really love bear2 so I can’t leave it, bit I need like database it in my iphone/ipad. So I don’t have functionality now.

I’m afraid I can’t think of an easy way to do that atm.

I definitely can give it a shot, yes.


One (above not mentioned) feature was implemented that was not in the previous beta as far as i can say: the info panel popup now remembers the last tab that was open :partying_face:


Indeed it remembers until the next launch :smiley:

Heck yes! Thank you.

Looks great! With this backlinks it makes me wonder how I’d organize things in Bear now that I have both tags and links…



I suppose I needed to scroll down through an update to see what I missed. And yes, I missed the new themes because the day I upgraded in my original invite here (didn’t notice there was an upgrade). So I just saw these new themes. Nicely done. I find myself gravitating to Notes, agreeing with one poster above who suggested a dark version.

Can anybody share screenshots of the new themes?


Rosé Pine

Rosé Pine Dawn

Tokyo Night



My theme settings are shared between Bear 1 and Beta (with the exception of new themes, in which case Bear 1 defaults to Red Graphite). Is that an intended behaviour?

Am I correct in assuming the Bear 1 database is not automatically imported anymore if you remove the Group Container file first and then launch Bear 2?

It didn’t on my system, anyway. Not that it matters much to me as I keep using B1 until B2 is fully ready for showtime :-), but if it’s a bug it must be squashed, I think.

EDIT: I deleted the wrong file/folder. After restoring that one, version B1 showed all my notes up to yesterday. B2 only showed them up to last week, when I last used B2…

Yes, B1 and B2 share the same preferences.

If you remove this folder and restart B2, B1 notes should be re-imported

~/Library/Group Containers/ Data v2

Can you confirm this is not your outcome?

That was not outcome, no.

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