Bear 2.0.15 is out!

This is a small update with lots of fixes and a few new goodies.


  • Improved background sync
  • Fixed background crashes causing Bear to not restore the current state
  • Fixed icon color glitch concerning the keyboard toolbar
  • Restored the “Delete Note Passwords” functionality in Preferences > Advanced
  • The Show Notes/Untagged/Locked… keystrokes no longer collides with headers shortcuts
  • Added Paste From > Code menu item on the editor selection menu
  • Added Copy Link to Note and Copy Note Identifier to the … menu inside the note


  • Fixed widgets padding for macOS < 14


Changes that affect both platforms.

  • New special searches:
  • @ctoday - Find notes created today
  • @wikilinks - Find notes with wikilinks
  • @backlinks - Find notes with explicit backlinks (no unlinked mentions)

And more fixes:

  • Fixed crash on note saving
  • Fixed “add tags” Shortcuts action
  • ToC will now show and scroll to folded headings
  • Copy link to header will now copy only the header text
  • Japanese localisations fix
  • Improved Rich Text exporter and clipboard management for edge cases
  • Random Note widgets now updates their content when tapped
  • Fixed issue with .bear files and some attachment names encoding
  • Improved search and note list rendering performances
  • Fixed bug when folding a heading with no content with a previous heading
  • Is now possible to delete single # characters from the leading edge of a header marker
  • Fixed an issue with mixed tab/spaces indentation after a list

Those searches for WikiLinks and backlinks are huge for Zettelkasten users. Thanks for implementing them so quickly!


Thank you for the background sync fix - it was bothering me since the update!

Great to see the new special searches – and reminded we can combine these with the minus operator, e.g. -@backlinks. A special search that finds all notes with no outgoing or incoming links is something I suspect a lot of people are going to find useful once they discover it.

Small piece of feedback as well: for me, special searches aren’t highlighted red in search text after the update.