Bear 2.0 feature suggestions

Hi, I know most of the current feedback is aimed at the incredible Panda Editor 2.0 but I’d thought I also chime in with some other suggestions:

Suggestions for Bear 2

Better tag management

  • Being able to change one tag for another with notes updating concurently. (already implemented)
  • Being able to remove tags from a selection of notes. (already implemented)
  • Remove added parent tags to notes. This happens when you e.g. add notes to a tag #reference and lateron decide to as a subtag #reference/writing. When you drag your notes onto the new subtag that tag gets added and the parent tag remains in the note. I’d love an option where subtags always remove parent tag when in the same tag tree.

iOS share menu

  • Being able to add tags when clipping a full article.


  • Tags and Subtags should be shown as suggested searches when you type #firstcharacter of (sub)tag. So if #reference/bear exists, typing ‘#b’ in the searchbar would display all tags that start with a ‘b’, even subtags. It would be great if you could select them via keyboard navigation and mouse and after hitting enter all notes with this tag are shown by selecting the tag in the tag list.


  • Keyboard shortcut to expand/collapse nested tag trees.

Note display

  • Previews for more document types. First page of…
    • PDFs
    • MS Office 365 docx/xlsx/pptx
    • Apple Pages/Numbers/Keynote
    • Player for audio and video

Would be great in due time

  • full document search like Evernote for (PDF, Word)

Just some ideas love to hear what you all think of these.

Best regards, Jan

Hello Jan,

even if the forum is aimed to get feedback on the editor we’re here to make Bear better and better, so thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

I’ll try to shed some light on our current ideas about the points you’ve touched:

Better tag management

Points 1 and 2 are already there:

  • right-click/long-press a tag in Bear let you rename it (and all the tagged notes will update)
  • right-click/long-press on a note in Bear will give you the ability to remove tags from it

Point 3 makes sense, we usually try to avoid messing with the text of the user (deleting stuff is a no-no), but in this case, we can just replace the old tag with the new one.

iOS share menu

We would love to completely re-make this, there is a lot that can be done with the share, it’s not super hight in our list, but we’ll be getting there.


Agree, that’s on our todo list!


Good call, I’ll try to fit it on our list

Note display

Previews will be added in the 2.0 editor, surely pdf, but we still don’t know which other files we’ll be supporting.

Full document search

While there are no short term plans for this, I’d love to have that too :slight_smile:

Welcome back and have a great day!

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Hi Mateo,

That’s great news. That most of my wishes are on your radar.
I missed that I could change or remove tags, thanks for your pointer.

A great day to you too!


I would add to this awesome list Backlinks! Maybe this can be an optional feature, and if you toggle on, it would create a Backlink header at the bottom of each note, containing links to all the notes that have linked to this current note. Or even better, instead of note links, the specific header link where the current note was mentioned :slightly_smiling_face: